Akshaya Patra

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In this popular scene from the Epic Mahabharata :
One day, Krishna suddenly came to visit the Pandavas, with his group of friends . The Pandavas received Krishna with traditional ceremony, and they all sat down and began talking happily. However, Draupadi did not come out of the house to greet Krishna. Instead, she was sitting and weeping in the kitchen. After some time, Krishna sensed that something was wrong. He made an excuse of wanting to drink water and entered the kitchen and had a word with her. With tears in her eyes, Draupadi bowed her head before Krishna and showed him (offered him with both hands) an empty pot in which she had cooked rice that morning, and said “This is all I have in my kitchen, Krishna.” The pot was empty and she did not have any more rice in the house. But Krishna said to her: “Thank you sister, this is all I need. Look carefully. Is your rice-pot really empty? Can my sister’s kitchen ever be empty of food? Look carefully.” Draupadi looked, and she found a single grain of rice stuck inside the pot. Krishna said “A single grain of rice, if offered to God with love and humility, becomes the beeja (primordial seed) which feeds and satiates the whole universe.” He then ate that single grain of rice, and at that time, for that day, the whole universe was stomach-full and satiated. There was no hunger in the entire world that day, and of course Krishna’s retinue and all of Draupadi’s other guests were satiated. This miraculous divine episode happened on the day which is commemorated as “Akshaya Tritiya” every year, and it occurs around the time of the spring harvest in April-May every year. ( source Wikipedia )

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