Bhima & Hanuman

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This popular scene from the Epic Mahabharata illustrates the scene where Bhima is tested by Hanuman.

During his search for the Saugandhika flower, Bhima saw an old monkey, lying in the path, whose long tail was outstretched. Bhima asked the monkey to move the tail blocking his path. But, the monkey replied saying he’s too old and had no strength to do that and requested Bhima to do it instead. Outraged at being commanded by someone inferior to him, he grabbed the monkey’s tail with his left hand with intention of swirling him via it and sending him in air and to his surprise he wasn’t able to move it. So, he used both his hands and all his might but wasn’t able to raise it. Defeated and surprised he asked the monkey for forgiveness with joined hands. The monkey revealed its true-self, Hanuman (his brother, as both were Vayu’s children). Bhima received Hanuman’s blessing in the form of increased strength. He warned Bhima of the path ahead, blessed him of victory in all his endeavours and left.

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