Diamond shaped copper bells - 1

The tintinnabulations made by the Kutch Copper bells fall like honey on the ears. The art of making copper bells is practiced by the Lohar community (Traditional Ironsmiths) in the Kutch region of Gujarat. Scrap iron sheets are heated and beaten with a hammer to give shape to the bell. They are then coated with copper bits and heated in furnace. Once cooled, a wooden piece is attached to the bell as a ringer for that unique sound! The rugged, raw look of the finished bells  is truly nostalgic!!

The nature of a handmade product is that no two pieces will ever be the same, hence it’s beauty. 

  1. Contains 1 set of copper bells with a loop for hanging
  2. Please use brasso or natural options like vinegar + salt water for cleaning once every few months

Go on, gift yourself this truly hand-made marvel!

1,200.00 (incl-tax)

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