For bulk orders & customised requirement, please write to [email protected] or message on 8884816333

For bulk orders & customised requirement, please write to [email protected] or message on 8884816333

The Clay Amplifier project

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An output of what we’re trying to achieve at Tamaala.

The Clay amplifier came about as an idea when we saw the bamboo speakers. A couple of researchers and professors from Hubli and Dharwad reached out to us as did Bamboo India. We felt there was enough space already garnered by Bamboo hence we went for the clay.  And the assumption is that artisans working with Bamboo material have more forms which are still being consumed unlike what is made by the Kumbhakaras ( Potters ). The spoken of sustainable lifestyle has not managed to replace refridgerators, cutlery hence the Kulhads, Matke Kudke are not finding enough takers anymore. 

The potters are literally not in Bangalore anymore or any large city for that matter. How many of us use clay pots or utensils ? Hardly anyone that we know of right ? Also clay utensils are mass manufactured by machines and burnt in large kilns, the small potter can never hope to compete. So what does the potter do ? He educates his children away from his trade in the hope that by making them clones of the city boys & girls he secures their future. No wonder the next generation in the potter families have moved away from the profession.  

Hence we came up with the eco-friendly Ganesha as a project which would employ about 8 potter families across 2 months. However we needed something more long term, year round and unseasonal. Hence the clay amplifier idea. We’ve worked on 7 models but the one seen in the image is the most popular since apparently most smart phones have a bottom speaker ( looks like all the Chinese factories have moved to this spec ; ) ) .

The clay speaker also stands for a conscious reduction in consumption of electricity as it more or less replaces a blue tooth speaker. It is a talking point for people about art, the rural potter and livelihoods. It is about design meeting tradition and about our aesthetic index as a society. It’s about being proud of the rich heritage our great land possesses. It’s also about making traditional art meet contemporary use via design with reducing the aesthetic value. 

We’re creating them in pop colours that may suit more kinds of spaces and also lends that kitsch effect where required as part of a decor ambience.  Hope you enjoy them. 

Till next time.




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